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so nothing is supplied "blindly" !

More more information on our embroidery origination costs - CLICK HERE

You can email us your logo if you are ABOUT TO ORDER and require us to assess the suitability of your logo type for embroidery  - OR you have CONFIRMED AN ORDER already.

For Embroidery, we prefer to receive jpegs.

Please email your logo to:

Embroidery Information

 Our computerised multi head machinery enables us to apply up to 15 separate colours in any single design.

 Design Set up/Origination. (often referred to as “Digitising”)

As is the case with most customers we are asked to create your image/logo into an embroidered format.  It is this highly skilled process that sets apart the quality of registration.  It is this skill of origination that the embroidery industry suffers from many variables of qualities. 

You may get a design set up offered for free, but often the quality of registration and subsequent look of the embroidery will not compare to professionally digitised versions. To simplify the ordering process, our products on this site (where minimum quantities are categorised, we have built in the origination cost).

Some items/quantities do require a seperate one off discounted charge for the origination.  All designs are assumed to be of a left chest size for purposes of simplyfying the cost shown the the site.  You can contact us if your embroidery requirements are in need of a bespoke price and are either of a large back application, or for multiple logos to appear on the same garment (sponsors etc).

As we sample each and every design to the material to be used on the order, and not a “preferred material” you will see for yourself the quality before the order is produced!

Thread Quality

We use top quality threads from 2 of the worlds most well respected suppliers of embroidery threads, including Madeira, probably at the forefront of the industry.   Not the cheapest thread! - but definitely, from our experience, the market leader for quality. We won't compromise on quality.

We use both Rayon and Polyester threads.  Polyester threads will withstand up to a 90 C wash ensuring your image stays colourfast on garments that are to be laundered heavily. (e.g. Industrial usages).  We use Rayon threads on the remainder of our orders when heavy industrial laundering will not be used.

Thread Colour Matching.

If your organisation or club uses Pantone References, for purposes of continuity with your logo’s representation, it will help us to be advised of these when creating your logo into an embroidered image as we can, in most cases, use these reference numbers to match exactly the same shade of colour giving you peace of mind as to our attention to detail.  On other occasions, we will as appropriate and with your guidance “match by eye”.   You will of course receive a sample of the embroidery against which to check/approve our accuracy of matching.

Alternatively, you can send us an existing embroidered item, for us to match the size and colours used on your existing teamwear, so as to ensure "continuity".